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Calling all young people 16-25 – who would like to work with award winning artists to create a new art show projection as part of the Freedom Festival?

Come to the Warren to take part in spoken word performances, shadow theatre, poetry workshops, digital art, photography…

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A Warren Youth Project festival run by young women giving all young people the opportunity to work with award winning artists and be part of Freedom Festival Hull and Hull UK City of Culture 2017 celebrations.

Art Celebrating Equality is a festival run by young women and its partner organisations and delivered by artists Joanne Coates, Bee Willey Illustrator, Anna Ingleby & Catherine Scott. Documented by Fly Girl Films. Funded by Arts Council England & Big Lottery Fund.

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Coming this Summer!


Coming this summer!

Watch this one minute video teaser made by young people …

For all young people aged 16 – 25

Award Winning Artists will deliver online and open workshops to young people – creating photographic images, digital illustrations, poems, spoken word, shadow performances and to top it off a projection of your art on the warren’s building.

Photo by Sophie Turner




We’re in the Wow, Women of the World Festival brochure.

Wow is a fabulous festival of talks, debates, music, film, comedy and activism that celebrates women and girls and also takes a frank look at what can stop us from achieving our potential.

So, on Saturday March 11th we’re part of the show and have a two hour slot 4pm – 6 pm  at Hull City Hall when we are going to showcase the poems, photography and puppetry created at our Art Celebrating Equality Festival workshops last summer.

Come on down!


Find out more about Wow on the Hull City of Culture website.


Young People Say #10

What We Say

‘We have been going round town taking pictures of Hull that will say something about Hull…

‘When you have a camera you notice all the ins and outs’

‘Get to meet new people as well which is good as you can all work together’

All quotes from young people who took part in the Arts Celebrating Equality Festival pilot.

Photos by Matilda

Young People Say #9


‘What interested me in the festival …is the Freedom of it …you don’t normally get to talk about gender equality in every day life’

‘ Its something different and something unique it has been a lot of fun’

‘ We did some spoken word at Freedom Festival …targeting discrimination and sexuality’

‘Discussed a lot of the larger themes of what we would like to do with the festival …

…the bigger issues of equality and how we would approach through art’

All quotes from young people who took part in the Arts Celebrating Equality Festival pilot.

Photos by Dan

Young People Say #7

What We Say

‘I have been involved with this project right from the start I have helped choose and interview the artists conducting the interview process with other young women.

It has been a lot of fun a unique and different experience because although this project is for everyone; it has been led by young women.


Photos by Matilda

All quotes from young people who took part in the Arts Celebrating Equality Festival pilot.