Amazing Work Part 2

Lots of amazing work was created by young people at The Warren Young People’s Centre in Hull as part of Art Celebrating Equality. Here are some quotes about it…



Thank you for putting time into these workshops your really have made it such a great experience & have opened up so many opportunities for us. We’ve learned a lot from you over the past couple of days and I’m sure we’ll use a lot of it for future reference.” Jodie Langford, spoken word workshop participant


I can honestly say it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with the young people on this important project.  They have been serious, fun and extremely hard working and have explored the issues raised by the theme of equality with a maturity beyond their years.  Their performance at the Freedom Festival was outstanding and received the audience recognition it deserved.” Catherine Scott spoken word workshop tutor


I have enjoyed very much to see the beautiful outcome of the young women’s arts project.

I want to just briefly share some thoughts with you concerning the project and I would be grateful if you could feedback to the young women participating and presenting as well as the artists my comments.

Starting from the title ‘Art Celebrating Equality’ to the actual art pieces, the Warren presented an arts project of a unique kind. Combining a creative group of young women with arts in order to provoke a meaningful discussion about equality is not only a wonderful contribution to the freedom festival but also a powerful statement in consideration of Hull’s and the general arts and culture scene.

Many times art appears to be for the arts sake, but what makes the pieces and works of an artist inspiring is the underlying mission and message: Equality has so many forms and formats and therefore, the works of the young women in the project is such an important issue in our society. I was stunned by the variety of interpretations of equality.

The photographs of people and places of Hull gives equality a face and portrays in a unique manner it’s individually but collective mutually. I was particularly fascinated by a photo collage presenting same sex couples in front of the Warren – as it mutually discusses the sites and people standing for equality in the city of Hull. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to see three young women perform their collective poem concerning Equality. Their insightful play with words, themes and voices stood out, as they touched upon immediate, contemporary topics such as the burquini-debate in France as well as time-less questions of bodily discrimination concerning dis/ability.

I am excited to encounter this inspiring work of young women, which I read as a conversation. As the visitor/ audience, I am invited by the young artists to engage in a conversations with them about their thoughts and perspectives concerning equality.

I would like to say my thanks to you, for enabling this engagement of young women, arts and equality. But furthermore, congratulate the participants of the workshops to their great productions and I hope that their development process of these art pieces was as exciting, inspiring and insightful, as my experience of a visitor/audience.”

Barbara – Research Assistant (ESR3), GRACE Project: Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe



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